The following films feature Kaleidoscope + Mosaic Dance Companies.

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“Why Didn’t You Speak Up?”
from the Kaleidoscope Gift of Dance Concert 2020

This piece was created for our virtual Gift of Dance concert. Choreographed, performed, and filmed by the dancers, this powerful dance on film explores the topic of social justice and fighting for one’s beliefs. “We want to encourage people to lift each other up and come together to help those in need and speak for people that don’t have the voice that we do. ” We invite you to watch the full virtual Gift of Dance concert below.

Kaleidoscope Gift of Dance Concert 2020

Join Kaleidoscope Dance Company, with Mosaic Dance Company, for the Gift of Dance, a virtual concert of original modern dance works choreographed by youth ages 7-17. Navigating social distancing guidelines and inspired by the beautiful outdoor spaces of the Pacific Northwest, these dances reflect our unusual times. Creating for the camera rather than the theatre stage, our artists utilize creative, flexible, and innovative thinking as they work together to bring their choreographic visions to life. You can support this concert by donating (suggested $10) at this link.

Snapshots – A Response to Covid-19

Snapshots is a video project created by Kaleidoscope Dance Company in April 2020 in response to social distancing measures put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the company’s annual Spring Concert. Each dancer created and filmed a piece in or near their home to convey their feelings about the pandemic and the impact the “new normal” is having on their lives.

Kaleidoscope – Choreography to Performance

This video follows the 37 dancers of Kaleidoscope Dance Company as they work with three choreographers (Jay Tan, Elizabeth Heard Hodgson, and Brian J. Evans) over five weeks to create pieces for the annual Kaleidoscope Spring Concert. It concludes with performance footage of each final dance at Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle, WA. Film by Jim Wehmeyer.