Summer Teen Intensive is back!

Dancers ages 13-19 are invited to spend an inspiring and enriching week at CDC with five passionate, unique, and gifted dance educators August 8-12. Afrobeats, Horton Technique, Creative Choreography, Holistic Ballet, and more. Experience freedom and growth this summer at the Teen Intensive!

Summer session is OPEN for registration!

Camps and classes are filling now! Joyful dance for all ages and abilities, from babies though grade school, high school to adults, in a wide variety of genres! Join us at CDC, where dance and brain development play together.

Transform your teaching through embodied learning at SDIT!

Virtual Summer Dance Institute for Teachers 2022 registration is now open. Dive deep into our teaching methodology, Brain-Compatible Dance Education, and learn how you can put it into practice. Foundational and Refresher Courses!

Kaleidoscope Dance Company is poetry in motion!

Witness the power of dance to inspire, transform, and transcend. Celebrate the unique talents of this amazing group of young people. Our Dance on Film concerts are available to view anytime!

SUMMER CAMPS and CLASSES are FILLING FAST! Register today! View all announcements.

“Our Brain-Compatible Dance Education supports joyful self-expression and transformative learning!”

Terry Goetz, Creative Dance Center Director & Instructor

What Makes Creative
Dance Center Unique

Our focus on creativity, collaboration, and developing mind-body connections allows students to learn and grow in an environment where personal uniqueness is celebrated. We recognize that people of all ages are capable artists. We encourage students to express themselves through exploration, improvisation, reflection, and choreography. Students who experience this approach to learning have the opportunity to become skilled dancers, critical thinkers, innovative creators, successful collaborators, and respectful responders. This is at the heart of the teaching methodology we use in all our classes, Brain-Compatible Dance Education (BCDE), developed by our Founder Anne Green Gilbert. 

Key Components of
Brain-Compatible Dance Education

  1. The 5-part lesson plan used in all our classes.
  2. The use of principles and strategies based on brain research to create an environment where students experience deep learning.
  3. The Dance Concepts: Space, Time, Force, and Body.
  4. The BrainDance, a body-brain warm-up based on fundamental movement patterns.

Dance Company

Kaleidoscope Dance Company is the Northwest’s unique modern dance company of young people between the ages of 7 and 17. Founded in 1981 by Anne Green Gilbert, and now directed by Anna Mansbridge, this engaging company delights audiences with their mesmerizing and expressive performances. Kaleidoscope has performed for hundreds of thousands of children and adults in schools, theaters, and other community settings across the world.

Dance Company

Mosaic Dance Company is comprised of children between the ages of 7 and 13, Mosaic offers performance opportunities to interested Creative Dance Center students. First formed in 2006 by Anne Green Gilbert, the company was reconvened by Anna Mansbridge in the Fall of 2018. Mosaic performs with Kaleidoscope in two major annual concerts each year.

Creative Dance Center

Designed for educators, dance teachers, arts specialists, therapists, and others who wish to engage with Anne Green Gilbert’s revolutionary teaching methodology, Brain-Compatible Dance Education. Whether BCDE and BrainDance are new to you or you are experienced in using this holistic teaching methodology, we have a Course for you. Join us this summer online and transform your teaching! Details here.

Come dance, learn, create, and perform with us this summer! Award-winning multi-arts camps for ages 4-12 and classes for all ages (babies through adults) are now open for registration! Weeklong camps run June, July, and August. Summer classes run for 5 weeks July 5-August 6. Musical Theatre (Encanto & Coco), Ballet Stories, Art in Motion, Hip Hop Camp and more. Classes from Family Dance to Creative Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Pilates, Hip Hop – so many options! Get Details.


King County has been requiring vaccine verification and mask-wearing at many indoor venues including dance studios. Although the county is lifting these requirements, Creative Dance Center will still require masks for all students/caregivers ages 2+ and proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test for all eligible students and caregivers ages 12+ to attend class through Spring Session. Read more about our COVID-19 safety policies HERE.