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The Summer Dance Institute for Teachers is July 15-19, 2024! Learn Brain-Compatible Dance Education and BrainDance from the source as Anne Green Gilbert and Dionne Kamara lead this inspiring, transformational weeklong course.


“We believe ALL people have the right to express themselves and find empowerment through dance.

Terry Goetz, Creative Dance Center Director & Instructor

What Makes Creative
Dance Center Unique

Our focus on creativity, collaboration, and developing mind-body connections allows students to learn and grow in an environment where personal uniqueness is celebrated. We recognize that people of all ages are capable artists. We encourage students to express themselves through exploration, improvisation, reflection, and choreography. Students who experience this approach to learning have the opportunity to become skilled dancers, critical thinkers, innovative creators, successful collaborators, and respectful responders. This is at the heart of the teaching methodology we use in all our classes, Brain-Compatible Dance Education (BCDE), developed by our Founder Anne Green Gilbert. 

Key Components of
Brain-Compatible Dance Education

  1. The 5-part lesson plan used in all our classes.
  2. The use of principles and strategies based on brain research to create an environment where students experience deep learning.
  3. The Dance Concepts: Space, Time, Force, and Body.
  4. The BrainDance, a body-brain warm-up based on fundamental movement patterns.

Dance Company

Kaleidoscope Dance Company is the Northwest’s unique modern dance company of young people between the ages of 7 and 17. Founded in 1981 by Anne Green Gilbert, and now directed by Anna Mansbridge, this engaging company delights audiences with their mesmerizing and expressive performances. Kaleidoscope has performed for hundreds of thousands of children and adults in schools, theaters, and other community settings across the world.

Dance Company

Mosaic Dance Company is comprised of children between the ages of 7 and 13. When in session Mosaic offers performance opportunities to interested Creative Dance Center students. First formed in 2006 by Anne Green Gilbert, the company was reconvened by Anna Mansbridge and ran for the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Mosaic performed with Kaleidoscope in two major annual concerts each year.

Creative Dance Center

Witness the concert experience that has been called “mesmerizing,” “inspiring,” and “jaw-dropping.” Wonderful for all ages! May 10-12 at Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle. Get Tickets.

GiveBIG is May 7-8, with Early Giving open now! Help us raise $15,000 for inclusive, joyful dance opportunities for all ages, all abilities. Every human should have access to the arts! Support our nonprofit today and be part of the giving community. GiveBIG Today.

Our Spring workshops are open for registration! Coming up you have an amazing opportunity to learn and dance with Bill Evans and Don Halquist on June 15 at CDC. Explore the Somatic Method with master educators! Learn More.
Join Anne Green Gilbert & Dionne Kamara to take your practice to the next level! This incredible course explores the foundations of Brain-Compatible Dance Education and BrainDance, in a nurturing, inspiring environment. July 15-19, 2024 in Seattle. Get Details.
Classes for all ages and abilities, babies through adults, in a plethora of genres! Creative Dance, Family Dance, Nurturing Baby, Creative Modern, Pre-Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, and more! Win-Spr session began January 29 but you can join class anytime. Tuition is prorated after week 3. Learn More.