Our repertory is constantly changing! Kaleidoscope performs a wide variety of dances choreographed by well-known choreographers such as Bill Evans, Anna Mansbridge, Shirley Jenkins, and Christian Swenson, as well as by emerging choreographers and Kaleidoscope dancers. Please contact Artistic Director, Anna Mansbridge, to discuss the pieces that are most appropriate for your audience and venue. A small sampling of our repertory is listed below.

A to ZAP: a playful piece focusing on children’s games, songs and the alphabet. Choreography by Meg Robson Mahoney. Music: traditional tunes by Peter, Mary Alice, Sam & Stefan Amidon

CONSTELLATION, LEGEND of the LOST STAR CHILDREN: based on a myth about how the star cluster the Pleiades was created in the night sky, this dance uses masks made by the dancers to tell the story. Music: Vangelis.
Choreographer: Katherine Mezur

AUDIENCE ECHO DANCE: an engaging opportunity for the audience to experience movement that will energize their brains and bodies.

THE KITES ARE FLYING!: based on the book The Kites Art Flying! by Michael Morpurgo. It tells a story of “how children’s hopes and dreams for peace can fly higher than any wall dividing communities and religions.” Choreography by Anna Mansbridge and Kaleidoscope Dance Company. Music by Peter Gabriel.

OH BE GENTLE: a movement choir integrating American Sign Language to inspire the audience to treat the earth and its inhabitants with gentleness and kindness. Choreography by Anne Green Gilbert. Music by Steve Garnaas-Holmes by permission of MLBC Pub. Co.

PARACHUTE PLAY: a huge parachute creates fun and surprises in this ever popular dance. Choreography by Anne Gilbert. Music by Scott Joplin.

TRIBUTE TO STEPHEN BIKO: a moving dance drama with a powerful message for peace and freedom. Choreography by Kaleidoscope dancers, Ming Gale and Melanie Kanna. Music by Dumisani Abraham Maraire and Peter Gabriel.

Color photos by Terri Hermann