Booking Information

"Kaleidoscope is the most unique performance
I have seen – it was simply wonderful!"

~ Cliff Nelson – Principal, Brier Elementary

“Loved watching your performance – you truly were
professional, colorful and totally enjoyable to watch!”

~ Lorraine Bayes, Tickle Tune Typhoon

Thank you very much for bringing your talented
group of dancers to Laurelhurst School for the recent
assembly. The teachers and the children
enjoyed the afternoon a great deal.

~ Karen Donohue, Laurelhurst PTA

Address: Creative Dance Center, 12577 Densmore Avenue North, Seattle Washington 98133
Contact Person: Anna Mansbridge, Artistic Director
Contact Phone: PH: 206-363-7281

Description of Concerts:

SCHOOL ASSEMBLY CONCERT: KALEIDOSCOPE performs a narrated, educational dance concert. Pieces include PARACHUTE PLAY, a humorous romp with a parachute; CONSTELLATION: THE LEGEND OF THE LOST STAR CHILDREN, a mask dance inspired by a myth of the creation of The Pleiades; OH BE GENTLE, a movement choir using American Sign Language to inspire everyone to treat the earth and its inhabitants with gentleness and kindness; A To Zap, a lively dance based on children’s games and the alphabet; A TRIBUTE TO STEPHEN BIKO, a moving dance drama with a powerful message about peace and non- violence. The concert includes guided, fun audience participation and ends with a short question and answer period.

  • Target Audience: Preschool through grade 8
  • Required Space for Presentation: Minimum 20' x 20' gym or stage space and changing facilities.
  • Length of School Concert: 45 minutes
  • Cost: One concert – $495; two concerts – $800
    (financial support may be available upon request)
  • Number of Dancers: 25 – 30
  • Teacher Resources and Educational Support for School Concerts: Every teacher is provided with a pamphlet of background information including the elements of dance, selected resource materials and activities for before and after the concert.

COMMUNITY CONCERT: Kaleidoscope has a varied repertoire of dances including the pieces described above, as well as many other pieces appropriate for a variety of settings. Please contact Artistic Director, Anna Mansbridge, to discuss the length and content of a concert best suited to your venue and needs.

  • Target Audience: All ages – toddlers through adults
  • Required Space for Presentation: Minimum 20' x 20' gym or stage space and changing facilities.
  • Length of Community Concert: 45 – 90 minutes
  • Cost: One concert – $495; two concerts – $800
  • Number of Dancers: 25 – 30


Transportation costs for concerts outside the greater Seattle area arranged on an individual basis.

MODERN DANCE HISTORY: Modern dance developed in the early part of the twentieth century as a revolt against the stylized formality of ballet. Modern dance often focuses on the communication of emotions or ideas through movement; sometimes it is concerned simply with movement itself. Modern dance is a living, growing, changing art form. There are no established steps or patterns. Modern dancers search for a way of using natural movement as a means of expressing themselves. Some of the early pioneers in modern dance were Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and Charles Weidman. Well-known modern choreographers today include Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, Alvin Ailey, Merce Cunningham, and Mark Morris.

KALEIDOSCOPE DANCE COMPANY BACKGROUND: KALEIDOSCOPE is the Northwest’s own modern dance company of children between the ages of 7 and 15, the only one of its kind in the country. These engaging dancers have performed for hundreds of thousands of children and adults across the world. For thirty-one years, Kaleidoscope has represented the United States at the prestigious Dance and the Child International Conferences in Copenhagen, Denmark (2015); Taipei, Taiwan (2012); Kingston, Jamaica (2009); The Hague, The Netherlands, (2006); Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (2003); Regina, Canada (2000); Kuopio, Finland (1997); and in Sydney, Australia (1994). In the United States, Kaleidoscope has performed and participated in Dance and the Child conferences in Salt Lake City, UT (1991); Amherst, MA (2001); Philadelphia, PA (2005); Denton, TX (2011); Seattle, WA (2014), and Salt Lake City, UT (2017). While the company performs throughout the year for schools and communities, two major public concerts are presented annually: The Gift of Dance, a winter concert featuring the children’s own choreography and Kaleidoscope In Concert, a spring performance series which showcases professional choreography. Kaleidoscope concerts educate as well as entertain, bringing the joy and excitement of dance to people of all ages.

Through Founder Anne Green Gilbert’s artistic direction and her philosophy that young people are able to achieve a professional level of artistic expression, Kaleidoscope has established its unique place among dance companies in the country. Anne Green Gilbert is the author of BrainDance, Teaching the Three Rs Through Movement, Creative Dance for All Ages, and Brain-Compatible Dance Education. Anne received the National Dance Education Organization Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. Director Anna Mansbridge teaches dance to people of all ages and has created many pieces for Kaleidoscope. Anna is also the founder and Artistic Director of Seattle Early Dance, which specializes in recreating dances of the European courts from the 15th through 18th centuries. She has been an adjunct professor at Cornish College of the Arts and the University of Washington, and she is  Chair-Elect for daCi USA.


Color photos by Terri Hermann