Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood program is made up of Parent & Child and Pre-K to Grade 1 classes. Parent & Child classes include Nurturing Baby for ages 2 months-pre-walking, Parent/Toddler for walking-2 ½ years, Parent/Tot/Child for ages 18 months-4 years, Parent/Child for 2 ½-4 years, and Yoga Family Fun (3-4 years attend with parent/caregiver; 5-6 years attend with or without parent/caregiver). When siblings attend class with a Parent, we give a 50% discount for the sibling(s). Our Pre-K – Grade 1 classes include Dance & Art for ages 3 1/2-5 years, Creative Dance for ages 3 ½-5 years and grades K-1, Creative Ballet for ages 3 ½-5 years, Pre-Ballet for grades K-1, and Yoga Family Fun (ages 5-6 may attend with or without a parent/caregiver).

Nerve networks grow out of our unique sensory experiences laying down intricate patterns that govern all our higher level brain development…The richer our sensory environment and the greater our freedom to explore it, the more intricate will be the patterns for learning, thought, and creativity.
~Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.

Our Parent-Child classes are developed and taught knowing that movement, a multi-sensory environment, and a loving relationship with a caregiver are crucial to healthy development in these early years. The Parent-Child curriculum focuses on:






  • introducing the patterns of the BrainDance through rhymes and songs
  • developmentally appropriate movement, music, and dance activities
  • educating parents and caregivers on the importance of floor time in the first year of life
  • a playful, safe environment in which a parent/caregiver and child can bond and interact with one another as well as with other infants, children, and adults
  • creating balance in body and mind through the contrasting elements of the dance concepts

Our Pre-K to Grade 1 classes are for children ready to participate in dance classes without a parent/caregiver. Creative Dance, Dance & Art, Creative Ballet, and Pre-Ballet classes support the important need for:

  • body-mind integration and warm-up through the use of the BrainDance
  • positive social interaction with peers
  • time for self-reflection and sharing
  • more challenging skill development as body awareness, balance, and coordination continue to develop

The brain-compatible approach used in our Early Childhood program allows children to explore and understand their own feelings and experiences, and those of others. Knowing who they are, how they feel, and the ability to feel empathy are important emotional skills CDC helps to nurture in even our youngest students. Physically, infants and young children develop a strong kinesthetic awareness of themselves creating a strong foundation for school readiness and life-long learning.