BrainDance Testimonials

We start every class with BrainDance and I teach more in the remaining 24-25 minutes than I ever have in 30. Many of the general ed teachers use it as well. They know that the kids behave better and learn more after it.
~ R. T. Music Specialist, Kalamazoo MI

I want to tell you what an extraordinary difference the BrainDance and the concepts have made in our teaching. We are seeing results in the first few weeks of school as opposed to the first few months. Teaching is actually easiers.
~ M. L. Dance Educator, Chardon OH

The BrainDance “makes me feel awake” “I feel open” “excited” “calm” “I feel ready to learn” “my brain feels alive.”
~ Students from a K-6 residency, Pocatello ID

My sons and I danced with your DVD last night and they loved it! First thing this morning, my 3 year old asked to dance again.
~ J. G. Utah

I am using the BrainDance with my Downs Syndrome adult dancers in my Tennessee Arts Commision residency. They love the movements and are beginning to remember and verbalize the work.
~ A. S. Dance Educator

All of my students do the BrainDance. I have taught it to most of the staff. Sometimes during my prep I stop by various classrooms and give them a BrainDance break. At first the teachers thought this would rile the kids up but they soon realized how well it works.
~ S.J. Movement Teacher

I can’t say enough good things about using the BrainDance in my classroom. I have shared it with our staff, parents at curriculum night, and friends and family.
~ M. G. 1st grade teacher, Everett WA