Kaleidoscope Dance Company Background & History

  Gift of Dance  •    is the longest-running modern dance company in Seattle, founded in 1981 by Anne Green Gilbert, and directed by Anna Mansbridge.

    •    is a modern repertory company of boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 16, whose graduates are utilizing the Kaleidoscope skills of collaboration and creativity in a variety of settings: dancing professionally, attending college, and working in fields such as health, research, design, education, technology, and the arts.

    •    works with well-known choreographers including Pat Graney, Bill Evans, Tom Truss, Christian Swenson, Shirley Jenkins, Jurg Koch, Paige Barnes, Eva Stone, Mary Kay Bisignano-Vadino, Debbie Gilbert, Joanne Petroff, Ellie Sandstrom, Anna Mansbridge, and Peter Kyle.

    •    is a company of young people responsible for themselves backstage at all concerts with older dancers mentoring and helping younger dancers with costumes, make-up, and choreography.

    •    presents an annual Spring Concert series, Kaleidoscope in Concert, which showcases pieces created by professional choreographers and Kaleidoscope dancers’ choreography. Water photo resized

    •    performs an annual winter concert, Gift of Dance, highlighting the dancers’ own choreography.

    •    has toured internationally in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Russia, Canada, Brazil, The Netherlands, Jamaica, Taiwan, and Denmark.

   •    has performed nationally in Washington, D.C., Oregon, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Utah, and all over Washington State.

    •    is a frequent presenter at National and International Dance and Music conferences.

    •    has danced for hundreds of thousands of school children in public and private schools in the Northwest.

    •    is based at the Creative Dance Center located in the historic Haller Lake Community Club in North Seattle.